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If my Dog could Talk…

She’d say: Please tickle my tummy.

Personally, I like back tickles and I know my wife likes head massages.

What do you like?

Whatever you like, be assured you’re not the only one. Touch is important.

massage couples

Are You Missing Touch?

Getting a massage is easy-ish. You can get them at spas and clinics. There are massage apps that send people to your home or you could get massages at work with 3 Minute Angels.

You may be lucky and be in the sort of household where touching one another is common, where you regularly give and receive massages.

However, if you’re not in that sort of household you could be missing touch.

Learn to Touch Like an Angel

You can learn to massage like an Angel and in the process you’ll have to get someone else in your household to also learn how to touch like an Angel.

massage couples

Learn the techniques 3 Minute Angels have used for 18 years to make millions of people feel “Divine”.

You’ll learn special kneading techniques to relieve the tops of the shoulders. This takes “the weight of the world off your shoulders”.

Experiencing headaches? The neck massage techniques we use might do the trick.

You can improve the ‘connection’ your team has with the people closest to them by teaching your team and their flatmates / partners how to massage and de-stress.  The connection isn’t just physical – it’s energetic.

We’re so confident you’ll be giving the best massage you can that we offer 110% Satisfaction Guarantee.

massage couples

Bring Massage into your House

Pardon the Pun