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3 Minute Angels has been in business for 19.5 years.  We could have gone out of business before – we’ve had our near misses.

In this newsletter we’ll share some of these “near misses”.  But before we do, it’s important for you to know the point of telling you.  It is to show you that 3 Minute Angels is resilient.  We practice what we preach.

To demonstrate that, even with lockdowns in 2020 and now again in 2021, 3 Minute Angels is still here – ready to make you feel divine (again).

Right now our digital products can teach you (and your partner or team mates) how to massage like an Angel – or – you could book a Virtual Halo.  The Virtual Halo can change your mood from “stressed” to “divine” in 5-minutes – just like our regular massage does.

Workplace Incentives

For a while during 2011-13, we were delivering all sorts of lunch and learn style workshops, fruit boxes, yoga etc.

3 Minute Angels thought that since our workplace-based massage service was popular, we should sell our customers more workplace-based stuff.

This idea ultimately never took off. Our customers are very happy buying massages from us but they ultimately don’t look to their massage provider for other incentives.

With the benefit of time, maybe we are lucky not to be too heavily invested with a workplace-based incentive brand in a post-COVID world.


Get Angels Now

Get Angels Now was an ‘Uber for Massage’ business that we launched and failed with in 2015-2016.  This was a very near miss.

The app was to be distributed by Angels working from a “Zen Zone” within shopping centres on a casual lease basis around Australia.  Unfortunately, the shopping centre model didn’t stand up.  We found foot traffic was too busy pushing shopping trolleys, prams or buttons on their phones.

The whole thing ended up with over investment and tears.  But, we are still here.

Here Now And Tomorrow

If the GFC, COVID and these near misses have taught 3 Minute Angels anything, it is that we will be here tomorrow.  You can rely on that.  So if you need our services just get in touch (pardon the pun).

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