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It’s Exciting to be Hiring Angels Again

In 2020, COVID essentially made massage illegal.  Touch which is the bedrock of massage was banned.  The massage industry – particularly the Corporate and Event market where 3 Minute Angels specialises – was massively disrupted.  By March of this year, things had started to become ‘normal’.  So much so, that for the first time – in what feels like ages – we are hiring Angels.

3 Minute Angels is excited to be getting some new Angels.  It means we are growing.  It means we get to watch as mere mortals go through an ascension (training program) to become Angels.

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Our Angels Make the Difference

We’ve always found that coaching massage skills in new Angels is relatively easy.  This is because touch is a natural and normal thing for every human.  We just need to liberate that in new recruits.  Then we make sure they feel confident to give a safe and effective massage.

The far more important aspect of Angel recruitment is selecting for attitude and communication skills.  Angels are as much a pair of ears as they are a pair of hands when it comes to making someone feel divine again.  Angels have to be relaxed, calm and confident.  Angels have to judge when someone wants to talk – and when they don’t.  Angels are great communicators.

What to experience being touched by an Angel?