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Tell us your New ‘Normal’

The normal for office workers has changed (thanks to COVID-19) and as a result, 3 Minute Angels has to change.

But before we get into what has changed for you, let’s look at the good news (for most).

The Good News

3 Minute Angels have a long history (since 2002) of asking you (our clients) – “What do you value most in terms of incentives?”. At the top of the list was ‘flexibility” and “ability to work from home”. Now thanks to COVID-19 workplaces are much more flexible and most businesses learned how to operate with everyone working from home.

Is Everyone Now Happy at Work?

Given what employees have said they’d value for years has been experienced we are excited to learn a few things:

  • Is everyone happy now? 
  • Do workplaces need incentives anymore?
  • What incentives remain popular?
  • What’s happened with office layouts, sizes and social spaces?
  • Are people coming to the office like they did pre-COVID or is there a ‘new normal?
  • Given all the changes, what does 3 Minute Angels need to differently?

We’d like your help in answering these questions.

‘New’ Normal Assessment

We’d love it if you could take a few minutes to complete our survey.  This will help us. 

For example, we think that pre-COVID, most people were in the office most days, but now that some are working from home 3 or 4 days a week should we reduce the large single-day bookings in favour of smaller multiple-day bookings? If we only visit on a single day, then it’s likely that some well-needed massages will be missed. Your input can help us test our assumptions and create better products for our clients.