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Before the Celebration

Are you responsible for organising the celebration of some milestone?

This can be a hard task. At a minimum you have to:

  • Get all the people who need to be acknowledged, acknowledged. Otherwise, a celebration can sour relationships.
  • Making the logistics happen.
  • Keeping everything in budget.

Frankly, before a celebration happens, it can be hard work. It can be made easier with 3 Minute Angels.

celebrate with massages

Celebrate with 3 Minute Angels

3 Minute Angels is perfect for the company-wide celebration where people in multiple teams, locations and work environments need to be acknowledged.

3 Minute Angels looks after the logistics with a single point of contact for all the teams, locations and work environments.

Your people will feel Divine with massages that are tailored to increase their mood.

Yes, all of this convenience and great massages are available for less than a single party pie and soft drink per person.

Organising a celebration?