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It’s the End of the World as We Know It

COVID19 is under control in Australia.

There is always the chance of 3rd wave without a vaccine, but for now, things will return to “normal”.

However, it’s not the old normal that we are moving towards.  It is a ‘new normal’.

For many of our Corporate clients the world has changed:

  • The idea of employees going to work Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 is gone. These are replaced with Zoom meetings, work-from-home and awkward socially distanced occasional meetings.
  • Workplace yoga, 3 Minute Angels massages, fruit boxes, free toilet paper and stationery are gone. These are replaced with your own food for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • The water-cooler chats, coffee runs and Friday night office drinks are gone. These are replaced with your family, pets and going somewhere local.

Events will Feel Different

Our Event clients are also up for a change (like it or not).

Due to social distancing and restrictions on travel, Events are significantly impacted in the following ways:

  • There are fewer people that can attend events.
  • Those people that do attend events must be spaced out and that affects the feel of an event.
  • For venues, space, catering and rent costs have all changed and this of course means every event organiser now has changed economics to think about too.
  • Things like a ‘crowd’ are gone (for now).
  • An intimate setting, gone (for now).

Adaption is Key

The world for many of our clients has changed forever, despite the promise of a return to normal.

However, just as it is with 3 Minute Angels, the key for our clients is adaption.

Amidst the COVID19 pandemic, 3 Minute Angels developed new products like the Virtual Halo.  The Virtual Halo is effective for dealing with the stresses that work-from-home creates.  It allows the employees that are still working – and still getting stressed – to “feel divine again”.

Events that used to be the “real world” can go virtual too.

For example, many workplaces used to use shared experiences like bowling as a way to unite a team.  Now with products like Angels Guide 2 Massage – your team can still have a shared experience.

In the case of Angels Guide 2 Massage – this is the shared experience of “learning to massage like an Angel”.  Not only is this a great shared experience for employees, but it is also a great big treat for the family and friends of the employee who will receive good massages from now on.


Feel Divine Again

There have been changes impacting our Corporate and Event clients and these are far from over.

However, as things normalise there will still be opportunities to feel divine again.  To be touched by our Angels, either physically or virtually.  So, if you’d like to feel Divine, get in touch.

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