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Every year 3 Minute Angels support R U OK Day. This is a popular event that leads our clients to conclude massages will help.

This year (2020) has already served up fires, floods, pandemic, isolation and is bringing / will bring with it financial hardship.

We are witnessing something in Australia we haven’t seen in a long time: recession.

Mental health is already deteriorating. This year, you should *actually* ask your teammates, friends and family: R U OK?

Taking Action

3 Minute Angels massages reduce stress and literally shifts the weight from people’s shoulders.

Since the pandemic, 3 Minute Angels has also created non-physical products that achieve the same mood-shifting response in clients.

3 Minute Angels’ expanded range includes curated and structured conversations that trigger clients the right sort of mental attitude.

A short conversation with an Angel can save people a longer and more expensive conversation down the track.

To shift a mood that is recent is easier than shifting a mood that is established.  So act now.

What More Can You Do?

This year, the focus for R U OK? Day is on what comes after you ask “are you okay?”.  There are times that people say they’re not OK and you need to know what to do…

Please visit R U OK for more resources.