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Dear Office Manager

The world has changed permanently.  We have now seen the end of workplaces predominately being Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 in an office.

Even before COVID-19 forced us all to work-from-home, the days of the office (and traditional office manager role) were numbered. Time and again, employees reported that the non-financial incentive they would value most was the “ability to work flexibly” and “work from home”.

The plans most companies had for accommodating these requests were sped up with the pandemic.

The office is now anywhere with internet and instead of being filled with fresh fruit bowls, yoga classes and tennis tables is now filled with pets, children, domestic chores and distractions.


What Is The New Office Manager Role?

Clearly with such a change in the workplace there will be changes for the people responsible for the office culture; cross department coordination, teamwork, morale and the physical assets of the office.

Procurement has got vastly more complex.

Workplace safety, ergonomics, design and management of staff wellness programs has been dramatically altered.

The changes are definitely stressful and the process of working it through have really only just begun.

However, all of these aforementioned roles like functional equipment, resource coordination, morale, culture, safety, wellness remain just as important (if not more) in a post-pandemic workplace.

The primary challenge for Office Managers is instead of having 1 large facility and 1 centralised physical means of getting everyone together — the office manager is now responsible for multiple home office and virtual spaces.

Assistance As You Need It

Getting into this new “Distributed Office Manager” role requires new digital tasks and real world tasks.

Instead of booking and managing physical meetings the job is to manage digital meetings.

Instead of organising wellness, incentives, education and team building in one location you know need to bring this into many locations.

At 3 Minute Angels, we have experience helping people adapt and adopt these new approaches.

We are skilled at assisting responsible office managers maintain the important role that an office used to play and help bring these benefits into homes across the workforce.

Incentives (and more)

Providing massages in workplaces is happening far less than pre-COVID, but 3 Minute Angels is helping clients in new specific ways.

  • Bring massages into the home office by training employees and their domestic partners in how to give massages. We are finding people want to learn to massage like our Angels do, but only this time they give and get massages with their domestic partner. This is an incentive that benefits the employee, their mental health, their home environment and has many “ripple effect” across broader health.  This product is called Angels Guide 2 Massage.
  • Providing a mood-lift via tailored digital interactions with your team gives them the one on one attention that our Angels normally provide in-person.  It’s possible to get the same mood-lift without laying hands on everyone.  This product is the Virtual Halo.

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