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Educators’ Day

Early Childhood Educators’ Day is on the way – is celebrated on 2nd September. Schools, providers, managers, leaders and organisations all around Australia are being encouraged to consider how they will say “thank you” to the hard-working educators who make such a tremendous difference in the lives of children and families.

Small Investment.  Large Return.

For many of us this year, with COVID forcing us to homeschool, the true worth of teachers has gone from abstract to concrete.

Depending on the school or education institution, there may be funding for the teaching body to focus on their wellness.  For other schools, providing the means to de-stress is just “out of the budget”.

It’s possible again depending on the school, that parents may want to say “thank you” and “good job” to the class teacher.  They may pass the hat around, organise a small fund or collaborate via the class parent system.

No matter who is making the investment, you can be guaranteed of the results.  At 3 Minute Angels all our services – virtual and real-world – provide a complete de-stress, unwind, relax and the perfect “thank you”.