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Everywhere you go.
Always take the weather with you.

It was a cold Saturday night. Sitting around the fire pit, swapping stories of music festivals from our youth.  Like the one about Glastonbury Festival (UK).  It went like this…

It had been raining for several days.

It was muddy and cold and not great camping.

Then finally, as the sun came out, so did Crowded House.

They sang “Weather With You”.

Moral Of The Story

You can feel the change in mood, when you change the weather.

Your life hasn’t changed.  Your mood has changed though.

You have no control over the weather.

You do have control over what you think, but sometimes an external stimulus like seeing the sun can put you in a sunny disposition.

The trick is to bring the “sunny weather” with you, by carrying “sunny weather disposition” between your ears.

Let Us Be Your Sunny Weather

If you need to provide “sunny weather” moments for your team then we can help.

We can provide in-person or in a work-from-home “mood changes”.

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