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How Do You Make The Workplace A Place Where Your Staff Want To Come Back To?

Your team hasn’t been back to the workplace and they may be nervous.

You’ll need to set an example to the first ones in, that it’s healthy and productive to be at the workplace.  This way, others will follow back to work and be happy to come.

The best way to do that is to provide massages to the first back into the office.  This can be done to the highest health standards, but it still requires touch.  It still requires to break any stigma associated with being in proximity to one another.

Massages are the reward for coming back to the office first.

Massages are the perfect incentive for this sort of thing as they are healthy whilst re-establishing touch and connection.

Massages by 3 Minute Angels also make people feel “Divine” and productive.

Return To Work Massages

At 3 Minute Angels, we recognise a “win-win” when we see one.

You win by having massages as a return-to-work incentive and 3 Minute Angels win by encouraging our loyal clients to “get back in touch” (pardon the pun).

You can book 2-hours free for your Sydney or Melbourne CBD office in July if you meet the following criteria:

  1. You are using it to massage your team.  This isn’t an event where you massage clients or a gift certificate that you can give to others.  It is meant as a reward for your team as they return to work.
  2. You have purchased 3 Minute Angels previously.  Of course, we want new clients, but rewarding our current clients is our way of showing loyalty.
  3. This offer includes bookings from July 1st to July 31st.

Review our Covidsafe Plan.

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2-hrs Free in July