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My Old Man Used To Never Hug…

When my father’s generation was growing up, any tactile affection towards men and by men was limited. 

That generation never got many hugs. So in turn, they didn’t give many hugs. 

That’s how it was in my family until Dad attended a personal development course. Following that course, our family “endured” the most awkward and clumsy hugs imaginable until his hugging technique finally improved. 

His massage technique on the other hand, never improved.  

Awkward Hugs = Bad Massages

Just like with hugging, my father’s generation were never taught to massage.

He gave terrible massages whenever he tried.  There were two techniques he knew: squeeze-the-living-daylights-out-of-your-shoulders or vigorous rub that would give you friction burn.  It was not de-stressing or relaxing in any way, shape or form.

Of course this lack of tactile training in men has prevented many mums from getting good hugs and massages.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Get Your Dad to Massage Your Mum (Well) By Buying Mum a Couples Massage Training For Mother’s Day.

The good news is that learning to massage like an Angel is a skill that can be taught easily and quickly.

Your own Dad could learn to massage well in just 3 short hours with Angels Guide 2 Massage.

Your Mum would get hours of reconnection with your Dad, your Dad would get skills and both of them will get a lifetime of good massages.

Give Your Mum A Lifetime Of Good Massages

This Mother’s Day give your Mum a great present.  Give her and your Dad an Angels Guide 2 Massage Tutorial.

What Your Mum (and Dad) Will Learn

Instructions on:

  • Techniques and postures.
  • Muscles to target with those techniques.
  • Process for targeting the major tension holding areas.
  • Immediate feedback and coaching to advance your skills quickly.
  • Reciprocal massage – giving and receiving.
  • Handy booklet (“The Little Black Book Of Massage”).

“3 hours of reconnection and a lifetime of good massages”

Give Mum (and Dad) the Best Mother's Day Gift