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The Twice a Day Challenge

Things we do twice a day — like brushing our teeth, tend to reap both short and long-term benefits.

At 3 Minute Angels, we have been asking people that complete our Angels Guide 2 Massage tutorial to do homework.  Our clients are loving the homework.

It may be the most pleasurable homework ever and it has short-term and long-term benefits (just like brushing your teeth).

The homework consists of swapping massages (for 5-minutes each) with their partner. Then we ask them to do this twice in the day: once in the morning and then again in the evening.

Of course, they each get to start the day reconnecting and feeling good.  This starts them off with a spring in their step.  They’re reporting better productivity at work as a result.

The evening component of the homework is having the effect of reducing stress that has accumulated throughout the day.

Better communication as a result of de-stressing is partly to do with the massage and partly attributable to the ability to make one another feel good and feel ‘listened to’.

When a couple who has done the Angels Guide 2 Massage course complete their homework, they get a nifty certificate from 3 Minute Angels, which is great.  Best of all, they get a better relationship!

Your Challenge: If You Choose to Accept It

You and your partner can do this challenge as part of your homework when completing the Angels Guide 2 Massage course with 3 Minute Angels — or you can do the challenge and earn yourself a free Angels Guide 2 Massage course for completing the challenge.


  • Record you and your partner massaging on video.
  • This should be of you and your partner swapping massages (showing the giver and the receiver for 5-minutes each).
  • You must make 2 recordings each day – one for the morning and one for the evening.
  • You must record for 5 consecutive days.

If you send us 10 videos as mentioned above, then you will earn a free Angels Guide 2 Massage course valued at $250.

Send your videos to: reception@3MinuteAngels.com

Challenge Accepted