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Physical Distancing

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, we are no longer able to offer 3 Minute Angels’ signature Halo Massages.

We hope to offer this afresh when the health experts say it is safe to do so.

Social Distancing Is Causing Problems

Physical distancing is causing social distancing, which in turn is causing social isolation, loneliness, boredom, decreased productivity, stress etc.  These problems will only get worse over time and they will affect work-from-home employee productivity.

What Can You Do?

Without being able to massage due to physical distancing, 3 Minute Angels has been thinking about the issue of social distancing and its effects on work-from-home employees.

We have reviewed what is out there.

  1. Employee Assistance Programs: Larger organisations will have an Employee Assistance Program, such programs were originally designed to get employees back to work if they are burnt out and over-stressed.  Recently, such programs have had to adapt to COVID-19 and it’s not about getting people back to work.  These programs are now over-stretched, expensive and really are for chronic conditions.
  2. Suicide Hotlines: Suicide Hotlines should be reserved for severe and acute mental health issues.  If you are contemplating on taking your own life, you should call Lifeline or a similar service.
  3. Sex Lines: Ok, this is probably not a thing anymore, but it was in the pre-internet days.  Note: We’ve included “sex lines” as an option to illuminate the very limited options for employees to receive a pick-me-up, mood enhancing service.  It really is hotlines or sex lines with little in between.

Coming Soon

3 Minute Angels will be providing a service soon that fills the gap in the market and helps anyone to feel better, get a pick-me-up, change their mood, lift their spirits, refocus and smile again.

The Halo Massage has been used to help facilitate such mood changes.  But providing a change in mood has always been the benefit of our service.  Now that physical distancing has made our usual service impossible, we are going to offer a virtual product with similar benefits, but without the touching.


If you are interested in learning more about our new products and their ability to help change the mood of work-from-home staff, then please join our socials and stay tuned.