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As our 18th birthday approaches (28th Feb) and International Women’s Day approaches (8th of March), we thought it was a great time to celebrate some of the amazing women that have made our business what it is today.

Of course, this list can’t be exhaustive as we had contribution from every Angel – and there’s been thousands of them over 18 years – and the majority have been women.

We are grateful for all the amazing women in 3 Minute Angels over the past 18 years – Thank you.

The First Days

Our first Angels were “Shish” King and “Nooki” Brazier.  We obviously wouldn’t be here without them.

However, it was the recruitment of Ursula Hoult as the first management team member that stands out from the “early days”.  Ursula had an MBA, a deep technical knowledge and was backed up with experience in Marketing and Sales.  She was way too smart and valuable for us to pay her according to market rates, but much to our good fortune, she loved massage, loved our B2C proposition of “pay what you think it’s worth” for the massage and wanted to be “in at the ground floor” of something unique and special.  In those first 2-3 years, Ursula “mothered” 3 Minute Angels into existence and her imprint remains.  Thank you Ursula.

Managing the growth

3 Minute Angels grew rapidly from an idea into a multi-state, multi-market business (B2C and B2B) employing nearly 200 Angels and sub-contracting a similar amount.  In 2002, 2003, 2004 and 2005 we had 300% year-on-year growth.  The wonderful woman who made that rapid scaling possible was Jemma Bolland.  Jemma had a strong operations background and was known for “un-fucking” problems across any area of the business.  She was actually married to 3 Minute Angels and could be deployed to crisis after crisis that usually accompanies rapid scaling.  Jemma continues to thrive in her domain and is currently COO of The Scale Factory in the UK.  Thanks Jem.


Satya Morrison has been with 3 Minute Angels since 2004 when she started as an Angel giving heavenly massages.  Satya is now a Director and co-owner of 3 Minute Angels.

To say the business wouldn’t be here without her is not over-selling it at all.  3 Minute Angels had to be systems and technology focused in order to consistently deliver nationally.  Satya has been in charge of these systems as they’ve continuously evolved and maintains the technology, human and other processes that make the business of “getting Angels to a client” – work.  Satya has amazing commitment to 3 Minute Angels.  For example, she moved to the Philippines (2007 and 2008) to help train our staff there in the processes for Sales, Finance, Marketing and IT that support the Angels.  3 Minute Angels is what it is today because of Satya Morrison.  Satya, Thank You.

Surviving and Thriving

In 2007, we closed our B2C market and went purely B2B.  The pubs, airports and shopping centres that made up the B2C market accounted for 70% of our revenue.  We then got “hit” with a shrinking B2B spend as the affects of the GFC hit.  3 Minute Angels had to cut management costs accordingly and by luck, Wardy (our Founder) was keen to establish the ethical offshoring and outsourcing business based in Manila.

The very first hire we made in the Philippines included Jenny Saavedra (and her husband Bert).  Today (12 years later), Jenny is Head of Commercial and Bert is NSW Account Manager.  Jenny ultimately takes responsibility for what we earn in sales, pay in expenses and do with our team.  She is trustworthy, hard-working, funny, intelligent and because of her, 3 Minute Angels is used by Australia’s best employers to deliver massages across the country.  Thank you so much Jen.

Thank you

It is with gratitude and out of respect for the upcoming International Women’s Day that we should all say “thank you” for the personal and professional contributions by these women to 3 Minute Angels.  Without them, you wouldn’t be getting your massage. 

And on a personal note: Thank you Ursula, Jemma, Satya and Jen for all that you did to make the business work better.  I couldn’t have done it without any of you.