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Welcome to 2020.

What did you think the year 2020 would look like? All hover boards and flying cars? 

From the frying pan to the fire…

This year and the start of a new decade has welcomed us with drought and fires.

It has been like the drought is frying us – and the fire is, well, fire.

In the process, we have seen the best of ourselves (wildlife rescues, record-breaking CFS crowdfunding, etc.) and the worst of us (politicians mainly).

Many of us will have heard (some for the first time) about the wisdom of Aboriginal cool fire burning.  This offers hope for the new year.

3 Minute Angels Acknowledges

3 Minute Angels acknowledges that we are in a land of fire.  We acknowledge that the Traditional Custodians of this land still know traditional methods for living within this land.  That their knowledge is inherent in the design of the Aboriginal Flag.

We (the 3 Minute Angels team – Angels and the Management) have been embarrassingly slow at updating our website to reflect our acknowledgement of the Traditional Owners (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders) of Australia.

We have updated our website, email signatures and training materials to reflect this change.  You will for example find an acknowledgement on our website footer.

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