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2020 Started On Fire, But Not In The Good Way

For many of us, “the fires” were a rough start to 2020.  

Were you shrouded in smoke on Christmas Day?  Your family worried about the air they breathe?  Were people you know battling the blazes?

Thankfully, the human death toll was low (compared to what it could have been). 

We all lost a large chunk of our precious environment and 1 BILLION native animals.  We all suffered.

If You Stumble, You Must Get Up and Run

A bad start is not always the end of it.  There may be a lot of catching up to do, but the race is not finished.  We must pull ourselves together.

Stressed People Need Massages

If you have a team that has come into 2020 without the usual R&R provided by the festive season, then massages are a great stress reliever.

Massages may even be better than a holiday.  At least with massages there’s no traffic, in-laws, arguments about whose turn it is or anything “silly” like that.

Massages are simply the energising, feel-good, stress-reducing break we all need.  

Re-start the year