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Are You Okay?

With R U OK? Day coming up on September 12th, it is worth asking the question: Are you okay?

Do you feel stressed?  Are you okay?

Do you feel anxious?  Are you okay?

Do you feel depressed?  Are you okay?

Need a hand?

Do you need a hand to reduce stress in your workplace?

When people are under stress, they are in what is called “flight or fight” response or the “stress response”. 

In this state of mind, people can’t think rationally or beyond what is in front of them.  They can only focus on what is in front of them.  This might be useful if you really are in danger – the stress response is naturally designed to save our lives if under attack.  But focusing only on what is in front of you in a sophisticated job role won’t cut it and being constantly in the “stress response” leads to negative health outcomes.

The science, and more importantly, the direct reports from recipients show us that 5-minutes of massage reduces stress.

This stress relief is temporary, that is why it’s recommended more frequently.  However, with the immediate stress relief, you are in a position to ask: R U OK?

More importantly the person you are asking, is in a mental position to look at themselves more objectively and ask themselves: Am I OK?

So, Are You Okay?

It could be that you are OK.  It could be that you are not OK.  Either way, you are better off having answered the question.

If you feel that you need a hand reducing immediate stress, then Get In Touch with 3 Minute Angels.

If you feel that you need something more than a massage to deal with what you’re feeling, please reach out to the following mental health resources.

If you are doing great, good for you.  But, do us all a favour and ask others: R U OK?

Massages relieve stress

(pardon the pun)