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Values in Business

When 3 Minute Angels first started, we articulated four Core Values:

  • Communication
  • Holism
  • Transformation, and
  • Vitality

It is time for us to add a new value: Giving.

Giving Is A Value

Giving is a value.  It is similar to generosity, but we think that it goes further in pursuit of what we mean.

As an Angel, you give a massage.  You give someone your ears, your time and attention.

Our gift is to help people feel “Divine”.

Giving In Action

Values like Communication, Holism, Transformation, Vitality and Giving, if they are to mean anything, that needs to live in action.  Not just on the reception foyer wall.

So, how does 3 Minute Angels put “Giving into action”?

Pro Bono and Low Bono Massage Services

3 Minute Angels frequently provide pro bono or low bono services to charities and social enterprises.

Often we turn up at the fundraising event as part of the overall experience.  Our job is to get event attendees to give us what they think it is worth with the money provided for the massage going directly to the charity as a Gold Coin Donation.  People tend to give more when they’ve just been made to feel Divine.

It is a win for charity, the donor and helps our marketing too.  Win / Win / Win.

KidzFix 2019

This year, 3 Minute Angels is the major sponsor of car “2Dads” in the KidzFix 2019 Rally.  The car is driven by David Ward (chairman of KidzFix Foundation) and Andrew Ward (CEO of 3 Minute Angels). 

The Ward brothers got into the rally when David had to use the regional air ambulance for the birth of his premature son.  It was touch and go for a while there and The Ward family lives 5-hours drive from the care that was needed.

The rally has raised funds for the regional air ambulance, for mobile dentistry units and for medical equipment that has been deployed across Australia.

This year’s rally should see total funds raised > $1,000,000.

The beneficiaries of all this giving will be children in regional and remote Australia with a focus this year on Tasmania because this year’s rally course is also in Tasmania.

Giving Is More Than Just “Feel Good”

Giving feels good.  Massage feels good.  Giving via massage feels GREAT. 

When 3 Minute Angels gives via pro-bono or low-bono services, that get us in front of new people and this is good for business.

Giving in action