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Massage Life Hack

This Sunday, men across the land will wake up to home made cards, burnt toast and “Happy Father’s Day”.

If they’re lucky, they may have worked out the greatest life hack in the world.

Your kids make great Angels and might work for free.

Depending on the age of your kids, you can have them do little drumming with their hands or little bit of stomping with their feet. 

Apart from a fair chance it will feel good, you’ll also be sharing a combined moment – a memory.

You see, touch and massage produces oxytocin.

Oxytocin and the Goosebumps

Oxytocin is the feel good chemical the body produces as a result of stimulation. 

Stimulation of the skin via massage and stimulation of the nervous system from the endocrine system occasionally combine to produce “goosebumps” (piloerection).

The Goosebumps are your body’s way of expressing neurological “peak” state.

A feeling of being “Divine”.

Massage For Father’s Day

If you’re thinking how to reward Dad for being the best dad in the world, then a massage is probably a winner.

Not only will the massage help him feel goosebumps, the memory will be associated with your loving connection, thanks to our friend oxytocin.

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