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Angel Recruitment

We are midway through our next recruitment intake for Angels in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

We employ Angels that match the values and attitudes of 3 Minute Angels.  These are the ‘soft’ skills that make us different.

Angels have to have a good attitude, be good story-tellers and most importantly, great listeners.  If we find these in a person, training them in 5-minute massages is easy.

Angel Training

The quality of the Angel is pivotal to our customer experience and so we do an extensive training period to get Angels started off (2-days including on-the-job training) followed by 6-weeks additional training.

The investment in staff pays off in a better customer experience.

The massage training is a big part of bringing in new Angels.

Our customers usually want The Halo Massage.  This is a 5-minute seated, neck and shoulder massage that is taught to every Angel.  This is our ‘signature’ massage.  We’ve developed internal processes to train new staff over the last 18-years.  It is quite slick with online learning modules etc.

The best way to learn massage, of course, is not by reading about it, but by doing it.  To ensure all Angels are market-tested, we take them on to free trial shifts before being exposed to fee-paying clients.

Angel Employment

Employing Angels and not just contracting staff is an important matter to 3 Minute Angels.  We believe that they deserve to be well paid and rewarded for the great work they do when they make our customers feel divine.

To become an Angel, they first had to go through being a “Neeph” (Training) and then a “Cherub” (working but still completing 6-week post-intensive training) and then after passing all their exams, written and practical, they become a full blown Angel.

Angels can be deployed as work-alone or in groups of up to 50 (if required).

Angels generally work in offices, at an event and in a promotions capacity.


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