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Stress Down Day 2019

The Lifeline Stress Down Day is on again the 24th July 2019.

5-minute massages by 3 Minute Angels on this day are a great way to put the key message (stress down) into action.

Stress Down Day in workplaces is a great opportunity to check in with the stress levels of each employee.

De-Stressing Massages

3 Minute Angels’ massages will bring everyone’s stress level down and happiness up.  Your team will be feeling ‘Divine’ in 5 minutes.  Each individual getting a massage has a “Halo Effect” across the whole workforce.  There is a tangible de-stressing of the office.  Massage changes the mood, reduces stress and empowers the key message of Stress Down Day.

Proven Stress Reduction

Every person who receives a 3 Minute Angels’ massage is asked prior to the massage: How do you feel?

The recipient (usually employee at work or attendee of an event) is given options to describe their stress levels.  The options range from ‘Very Stressed’ to ‘Divine’.

The end of the massage concludes with a similar question: How do you feel now?

This self-assessed mood levels go up after the massage.  People move away from ‘Very Stressed’ and towards ‘Divine’.  We record these changes in mood as a tangible metric for our massages. 

The Key Contact Report sent to clients following a 3 Minute Angels visit allows each client to visualise the reduced stress levels.

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