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Workplace Wellness Programs

At this time of year, people are considering the budget for the coming year in respect to Workplace Wellness Programs.

Make sure to include 3 Minute Angels in it.

Why You Must Include Massage In Your Workplace Wellness Program?

We could start with all the physical benefits of massage that include increased mobility, decreased pain and improved wellness.  However, there are a few other reasons why 3 Minute Angels’ Corporate Massages are an essential part of any Workplace Wellness Program.

Mental Health

A major factor in poor mental health is stress. Specifically unhealthy, ongoing workplace stress.  A Wellness Program cannot hope to take people in ‘neutral’ or normal state to new heights of wellness and performance, if it first of all, doesn’t help people get from a ‘negative’ (stressed) state up to a neutral state.

Communication and Mood

3 Minute Angels focuses on the change of mood that we create for the recipient.  Yes, in order to get that change, we have to be great at massage, and be great at communicating, active listening and advocacy.  This is why our Halo Massage is such a critical component of any well designed Workplace Wellness Program.


Mood Reporting

A piece of fruit doesn’t have the capacity to ask everyone “How Do You Feel?” at the beginning of the experience and at the end of the experience ask “How Do You Feel Now?”.  Certainly, a box of fruit won’t provide you with a comprehensive self-reported mood for each of your employees.

3 Minute Angels does this and you can use the pre-mood self-assessment to measure the levels of stress your people feel. They report this to us with no fear of judgement that they may worry about if a manager asked them.

You can use the post-mood self-assessment to determine the change in each persons mood.  You can know if massage worked and was well liked.  In fact, you can see the individual and aggregated responses from your team.

Pricing and Guarantees

3 Minute Angels provides a simple pricing matrix that reward loyal and returning clients with discounts.  

We also provide 110% Satisfaction Guarantee.  If for any reason you or your team don’t feel satisfied with the service, you can get your money back plus a little for the inconvenience.

Workplace Wellness Program