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There’s election fever in Australia. massage

For some, this means a chance to participate in country-wide political reform to get behind team Red, Blue, Green, Yellow or Grey this election.

For others, it just means a free sausage sizzle!  A chance to enjoy a democracy sausage at the local school.


Massage is more popular than politics

If you don’t belong to a party – and instead belong to the large and growing group of Australians that think politics is a sick joke, then you are probably overwhelmed by the near-constant office chat, media reports and focus on politics.

Perhaps, you believe our whole political class are out for themselves.  Or that none of them show leadership, vision or are putting policies on the agenda that you think they should…  If this is you… then you may need a massage to reduce your stress.

Changing the conversation from politics to ‘That massage felt great’

If you belong to a party – or are supporting a local independent – then May 18th is set to be the culmination of many weeks of hard campaigning.  The stress and the tension involved in the campaign isn’t just felt by the candidates, it ripples out to their teams as well.

On the day there will be signage, handing-out how to vote cards, jostling for position at the school gate, exit-polling, errands and banter…

But by the end of the day, you’ll be exhausted.  You won’t be interested in X policy or Y policy.  Now it is time to watch the vote.

This is the perfect time to get you and the team a massage.  3 Minute Angels is the place to call, 1300 66 2022

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