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A couple of weeks ago, 3 Minute Angels launched a promotion providing nurses with discounted massage services during the week following International Nurses Day (12th of May).

Mother’s Day is also on the 12th of May.

Given that “Mum” is often a “job role” that often includes “nursing”, 3 Minute Angels would like to provide working mums with bonus massage services too. 

We are so grateful for the work that Mum’s do and we are so grateful for the work that Nurses do.

If any nurses – or working mums – make a booking (or a booking is made for their benefit) between 13th – 17th of May 2019*, then we will Super Size the booking by 25%.

If for example, you book for 4 hours, we’ll provide you with the next hour free.  You pay for 4 hours of Angels and get 5 hours of massage.

In fact, we’ll add 25% to any booking size between the 13th – 17th May if you can verify the massages are for nurses or working mums.

Mums and Nurses

Wondering if your event will qualify?  Get in touch and ask 1300 66 20 22.


*Massage date must be within 13 – 17 May 2019 to avail of the Super Size promo.

*Bookings must be paid at least 7 days before the massage date to qualify.

*Terms and Conditions apply.