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If we were called ‘5 Minute Angels’ it would have been good because we do 5 minute massages.

Why then did we call ourselves 3 Minute Angels?

Read to the end to find out…

Standing Out In Marketing

Marketing needs to stand out or it is lost in a ‘sea of same-ness’.

This is why 3 Minute Angels is great at brand activations.  Getting the sense of touch involved lets your marketing connect in a new way and stand out.

Standing Out As A Culture

Employers need to stand out because the war for talent and retention is never-ending.

So how do companies get a stand-out culture?

One example you can learn from is Google. When Google was very small (40 employees) they decided to attract and retain employees by providing an in house massage therapist.  This point of difference was enough to stand out and that’s what Google needed in their war for talent and retention.

stand outPurple Cow

If you were to look at a field of normal cows and amongst them was one bright purple cow.  It stands out right?

It may have the same qualities of milk, meat and leather as the other cows.  The difference is it has your attention.  A Purple Cow gets attention.

This metaphor is explored thoroughly by Seth Godin in his book Purple Cow.

Why We Are ‘3 Minute Angels’ (not ‘5 minute Angels’)

In the early days of 3 Minute Angels, we used to provide massages in bars and clubs and in order to get massages from people who were at the bar socialising with their friends, we had to get their attention.  The interaction went like this…

Angel: Hi, I’m a 3 Minute Angel, would you like a 5 minute massage?

Client: Why are you called 3 Minute Angels if you do a 5 minute massage?

At this point we were now in a conversation and had their attention.

By having our name and product deliberately disconnected, it stood out.  Angels then pitch our other benefits like massages feel great, etc.

3 Minute Angels will remain our name even though 5-minute Angels would be more accurate.

Today, 3 Minute Angels is not a name we use as a “conversation starter” just like we used to be in the bars and clubs, but it does allow us to say we under promise and over deliver.

And we actually do 10 minute Double Halo massages and 15 minute Stress Busters too!

3 minutes is just the beginning….