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Are we connected?

The best Angels make a connection with who they are massaging.

This is not by accident.  3 Minute Angels staff get a lot of training.  Training and the feel-good powers of massage make it pretty easy to make a quick connection with who we massage.

We base our training around 3 Golden Rules:

  1. Don’t push, attract;
  2. Marketing is a numbers game, sales is about communication; and
  3. Be genuine.

We guide the connection that forms with recipients throughout the massage process with a mixture of training, technology and personality.

The first thing we do with each new recipient is ask them “how do you feel?” and people like to be asked that.

Next we ask their name, then we ask their consent for massage and about any recent injuries.  It probably takes 30- to 40 seconds prior to the massage to ask these questions because we need to record the answers for insurance purposes.

This initial interaction is enough time for the conditions to be created where a connection can form naturally between the Angel and the recipient.

When the hands of the Angel go on the recipients shoulders, we see another line of connection establish.  Obviously there is now the physical, hands-on, tactile connection as the Angels do their work.

There is also a more subtle energetic connection established too, but this blog isn’t the place to go all Byron Bay.

Throughout the massage people can talk, close their eyes and sit quietly or watch the beautiful scenes on their iPad.

By the end of the massage though the person is feeling better.  Perhaps, even divine and they don’t want the connection to stop.  However, the montage of beautiful images that is set in motion after collecting consent ensures everyone gets a timed 5-minutes of hands-on massage.

By the end of 5-minutes, most people have had a great connection with their Angel.  They feel awesome and they are ready to go again.

The Blind Spot

This amazing connection between Angels and recipient happens 8 times an hour, every hour that an Angel is on shift.  That is thousands of times per week.  However, all this good work is done in a ‘blind spot’.

99% of the time, the person hiring 3 Minute Angels is super busy.  They don’t have time to watch the work we do on shift.  It is also super weird for everyone when they are watched getting their massage.  So it is almost impossible for the connection that Angels make with each person to get back to the hirer.

That is why we love to get testimonials from our happy recipients.

This tells the hirer that the money they have invested has paid off.

Illuminating the Good Work

3 Minute Angels does good work for our clients and the major problem we have is shining a spotlight on those amazing connections that we form with each recipient.

To help address this, we are using video footage of the reactions we get from recipients and cutting this together to a mini-documentary for each client.

We have been doing this for a few months now and it seems to be well received.  It will stay as part of our ongoing process and as such, means we have updated our consent page to let recipients know what we are doing.  It seems like the right thing to do, after all it is called ‘informed consent’.

Want to connect?