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People report increased focus after they receive a massage.  It is one of the many benefits of getting a massage.  It is actually one of the most popular reasons why people book our Angels.

Myth Buster: Massages make me tired

Massage has a different effects over time.

When you start a massage, there is a spike in endocrine activity (hormones) and your nervous system is now engaged with a tactile experience. Your brain initially floods with serotonin, oxytocin and dopamines.

Over a short period, like the first 5 to 15 minutes, this “cocktail” of naturally occurring chemicals produces an energised feeling, a connected feeling and greater focus.

The effect of massage over a longer period of 15-minutes or more can be tiring.  The initial chemicals for energy, connection and focus are replaced.  The body starts to produce healing, rest and repair chemical signals.  This is great for relieving stress, fixing illness or improving wellbeing.  However, side effects of a longer massage can include drowsiness.

Angels do short massages for a reason

In a corporate / workplace massage setting, the benefits of a longer massage are not what people need i.e. drowsiness, sleepiness.  In fact, people in the corporate / workplace setting need the benefits of short massages i.e. focus.

This is why 3 Minute Angels specialises in providing short massages.

The Halo Massage – our specific process focuses on the upper-back, neck and shoulders because this is where we tend to hold our tension.  The focus on these areas can provide maximum physical benefit in the shortest amount of time.

You also get the benefits of the “short-massage cocktail” of bodily chemicals that prime: connection, focus and energy.

For the corporation or event organiser hiring 3 Minute Angels, getting ‘bang for their buck’ is a high priority.

The improved focus that our Halo Massage gives is no accident.

We have designed it that way.

By focus.

Need focus?