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International Women’s Day is on Friday 8th of March.  It aims to promote women and not just for the social, familial and cultural roles they play.  Also importantly, for the economic role that women play.

As a society, we should demand to close the pay gap because of the economic gains, but this will take 200-years on today’s settings.

Check out the data here.




Men can and must play a part in International Women’s Day.

One of the simplest things you could do is have every man you know watch this video of Obama talking about masculinity to a group of young men.

The resounding message is: That being strong is not when you can put others down, but when you are strong enough to lift others up.  This International Women’s Day, let’s do that together.


We need to show respect to and for one another.  We demand this of our children in their school playgrounds.  Now it is time that we demand it of our adult-selves in our workplaces.

We’d love to join you in your celebrations of International Women’s Day.

If your office is having a small gathering or if you’re planning a big event.  We will be happy to help supply that caring feeling to all.