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Do you Loath, Like or Love Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is upon us and you could be loving it or thinking “that’s nice” or you could be hating it.  Which is it?

Let us know when you book before the 14th of February and we’ll give you a free box of chocolates with every booking.


Perhaps you think it’s nice that people focus on love.  Perhaps you don’t pay much attention beyond that.  You might not buy into the romance or the loathing and are just “okay” with Valentine’s Day.

Well done.  Apparently you are in the minority.


You, of course, know that the real Saint Valentine had absolutely nothing to do with it. – Yep, there’s no legit evidence connecting him to anything having to do with love.

Emperor Claudius II executed two men — both named Valentine — on Feb. 14 of different years in the 3rd century A.D. Their martyrdom was honored by the Catholic Church with the celebration of St. Valentine’s Day.

Top this horror back-story with the rampant commercialisation and annoying hashtags #blessed – some people just feel compelled to hate it.


Maybe you’ve had a love affair with Valentine’s Day since you were little… Each year, your excitement grows as February 14th approaches.

You could be single / Valentine’s Day is a time to mingle / where each new admirer brings a tingle.

You could be in love.  This provides you with a special occasion.  An occasion you want to share with your love.

Maybe you love being spoiled and spoiling the one you love, and Valentine’s Day is perfect for that.

Or maybe on a world full of cynicism, you are like a knight on a white horse, heading forth to take Valentine’s Day love into battle.  Where love will war against the dark and evil forces of cynicism and indifference.  Maybe you love the romance of it.


The fine print

Any booking made on or before the 14th of February for services by 3 Minute Angels will get a box of chocolates sent to them as a free gift with purchase.

The only proviso is that the person making the booking provides an answer in writing to 3 Minute Angels when making the booking.  They must answer the question: Do you like, loath or love Valentine’s Day?

The box of chocolates will be sent before 28th of February.

All bookings remain otherwise subject to our simple pricing and Terms of Service