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Smart Is Changing

It used to be important to be intelligent.

But when AI and robotics surpass our mental capacities, what becomes of ‘smart’ then?

Computers are better at lots of things in the workplace and they’re far better at following procedures exactly without getting bored, tired or distracted.

Advances in robotics, machine learning and material science are leaping ahead.

A world where a lot of jobs may not be needed is just around the corner.

It won’t be our memories, math skills or what we think of today as our intelligence that determines our future career success.

It will be our uniquely human capacities that will determine our future career success.

In other words, being a human-being and being good at uniquely human things will be what matters most in the future.


‘Being kind’, ‘being compassionate’, ‘being creative’, ‘being charismatic’, ‘being co-operative’ and ‘being there for another person’ are just a few examples of being distinctly human that will be valued in the future.

The value comes because a computer can’t do these things.

well-being increases kindness compassion creativity co-operation teamwork

The other thing a computer can’t do is human-to-human interaction.  3 Minute Angels is expert at this and helps your people improve in this area.

We simply provide 5-minutes of focus on the person in front of us and that often proves as impactful as the act of the massage.

Society Is Focused On The Wrong Smart

In today’s culture, we think of ‘smart’ as equal to ‘intelligent’ – when they are not the same thing.

We therefore apply any intelligent machines with the name ‘smart’.  It is called a ‘smartphone’.

But evidence suggests that the smartphone is leading to a dumbing-down in many cases.

Being Human At Work

Getting a massage makes you feel better as a person.  It increases your well-being.

Well-being increased person-by-person and ultimately across a department increases the uniquely human characteristics you want in any workplace; kindness, compassion, creativity, cooperation and teamwork.

Whilst you’re getting a massage, you could be watching the calming natural landscapes on our iPad, or simply shutting your eyes and breathing.

This can be just the break you need in order to go from a human ‘doing’ to a human ‘being’.

This isn’t just important so you can focus on their short term work, the next immediate task.

It is also important because being a good human being in the workplace is going to be an increasingly valued skill.