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The return to work for many starts with wading through thousands of emails.  It is enough to make you need another holiday.

The stress of this backlog only gets worse when attempting to get back to someone who was trying to get a hold of you.  9 times out of 10 you find that they are now on / still on holidays.

Finding this out through those annoying auto-responding emails that cc 5 alternative contacts can be doubly annoying.  You know that somewhere, 5 other people will start their return to work wading through pointless emails too.


Turn ‘return to work’ stress into ‘Divine’

At 3 Minute Angels, we can’t help you with your inbox, but we can help with your ‘return to work’ stress levels.

3 Minute Angels at the start of the year can make returning to work feel Divine.  Not just in the metaphorical sense, but in the actual, physical, literally-speaking sense.

Engaging the brain and body with a massage early in the year does a few things:

  1. Makes wading through your backlog of work easier
  2. Starts a healthier, happier, more connected year in the workplace
  3. Reduces ‘return to work’ stress

Divine Instead of Overwhelm

When you get massages from 3 Minute Angels, you are wanting to improve the mood of each individual and in turn collectively change the mood of the whole team.  This makes everyone across the board less-stressed, more connected and happier.

beat new year stress feel divine