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3 Minute Angels in 2018

2018 was a good year for the Angels.  Not a perfect one, but a good one.

The following statistics might give clients and prospects greater confidence in using our massage services in 2019.

The Stats

3 Minute Angels had 1,200 clients, many of who booked us more than once in the year.  The Angels provided 85,640 individual massages and ‘Bad Feedback’ on only 28 of those.

feedback encourages improvement

How our time was spent

Our Angels did most of their massages in offices / workplaces (66%) and 30% were in events (out-of-office).  4% of our total hours were donated to charities for their fundraising efforts.

In total, we did 10,705 Hours and 85,000 + Halo Massages in 2018.

Corporate Event Pro Bono / Charity Total
Hours 7069.25 3254.04 382 10705
66% 30% 4%


We had wild fluctuations (normal for us) where our busiest month was 3 times busier than our slowest month.

3 Minute Angels can handle these highs and lows because we have a mix of casual employees and a selection of sub-contracted therapists on our books.  The busier times we get, the more we rely on therapists who spend most of their time doing table massages.

Our Angels (the employees) of course tend to only do seated, 5-minute, neck and shoulder massages.

Shift Feedback

We had 1,200+ separate clients throughout the year.  We had 514 clients who provided ‘No Feedback’.  However, 669 ‘Good Feedbacks’ and 28 ‘Bad Feedbacks’ were provided by our clients.

It’s hard with so many clients providing ‘No Feedback’ to get a customer satisfaction rating.

If you become our client in 2019, please provide us feedback.  It helps us improve our overall service and motivate /engage our Angels.

feedback encourages improvement

Looking to 2019

In 2019, we hope to do better.

The 3 Minute Angels management team has been updating our training and induction processes.

We are also updating our monthly coaching sessions for every employee and finally, we are helping our Angels to get more adept at collecting feedback on shift via their iPads.

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