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How about those who work through Christmas?

Are you working during christmas?

At this time of year, all the conversation and focus can be on the holidays.

You often hear, “where are you going this year?”

Maybe you are taking a break this year, so spare a thought for those people that are working through when you next ask this question.

Working Through

In call centres, transport businesses, hospitality venues and hospitals across Australia – there will be people still working.

Not only will this be a hard time for them to be away from their family and friends, it will also be a hectic time at work.

This time of year, there’s more people needing call centres, there’s increased goods transportation, socialising and hospitalisations.

(Those last 2 go together in a cause-and-effect relationship)

Spare a thought for those workers left behind…

If you’re managing a team that will work through this holiday season, then perhaps more than at any other time of the year, they deserve Angels to give them some of our wonderful massages to help get them through.

The 3 Minute Angels can come and make them feel good.

Employees can see that their hard work is valued.  They will feel visible and feel gratitude for the gesture of massages.  In fact, they’ll most likely view it as a sort of Christmas gift.