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If this time of year was a horse race, it would sound like this

NB: To be read in the voice of a horse race announcer

As we come final stretch of this race it is Utter Exhaustion and Work-Life Balance at the rear of the field.

Just ahead is Enough Sleep, which has had a slow start and was restless in the barriers.

Surging ahead is Unfinished Business.

But it is still 2-lengths behind Work That Needs Doing Now, which has been a strong performer all year.

In the lead pack now is 3 runners from the same Trainer: Kids-End-of-School-Performances, Preparing-The-House-For-Family-Visits and Long-Forgotten-Commitments-To-Friends.  This stable has under-performed so far this year, but could this be their race?

The field is in the home straight…

It is a tight race between Where Has The Time Gone and Let’s Get This Done

It’s looking like a 2-horse race…

But wait… What’s this coming up fast?!

It’s Utter Exhaustion, Utter Exhaustion takes the lead and Utter Exhaustion has won the 2018 Cup!!!

In the end Utter Exhaustion was too good for Let’s Get This Done and Unfinished Business.

work-life balance order a pick-me-up

Don’t let Utter Exhaustion win at this time of year.