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The benefits of a break

You may be thinking of course a massage company providing short massages in the workplace is going to be a fan of taking a break.  It is in our interests to make such a case.  But does the case stack up?

Breaks are a good use of time (not a waste of time)

What is smarter?

Taking a pit stop to re-fuel or running out of fuel?  Taking time to sharpen your saw or trying to cut down a tree with a blunt saw?  Having a rest before the “Big Game” or training “full on” right before a game?

A break is not down-time, as in wasted time.  It’s preparation for the next big thing.

breaks as preparation for the next big thing

Breaks are natural

Breaks are nature’s way of stopping everything from happening at once.

Day breaks and the nocturnal animals get to rest.  Night falls and the day-time animals get to rest.

If it were not for the break – nature would fail.

In the age of the Anthropocene – of work, bytes, screens, technology and plastic – that we are part of nature…

That is in our nature to need a break.

breaks as preparation for the next big thing

Breaks foster innovation

Where do good ideas come from?  Often they come during a break following an extended and concentrated effort.  That is why Eureka moments strike in the shower, on the toilet, when eating or in bed.

Research has confirmed that musicians are most creative when not playing their instrument.

Scientists confirmed that the brain wave state (beta) is good for multi-tasking, for driving, for complexity and busy-ness.  However, it is in alpha-state – like day dreaming when we are connected to inspiration and are most creative.

Taking a break is a good use of time, natural and leads to innovation in the workplace.

Taking a break can’t be the only thing you do – that won’t lead to productivity.  But the opposite is also true.  You can’t be productive without the occasional break.

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