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R U OK? Day is a great initiative by the late Gavin Larkin.  ABC did an interesting story about him.  It’s worth the watch.

R U OK? Day has become a thing we do in Australia.  It is embedded in our corporate psyche.  It’s part of our culture.  They have succeeded in bringing to light mental health issues.

Of course, 3 Minute Angels supports this wonderful initiative – who doesn’t?

mental health awareness

But, don’t you think we should ask the question more than once a year?

And wouldn’t it be great if we had an R U OK? 2 Day and R U OK? 3 Day or more per year?

If we really care about the answer the first time we asked… isn’t it a good idea to see if anything has changed since you last asked?

If anyone else supports this idea, sign a petition we made for it.  If it is popular enough, they should be open to doing it.