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The Response To Massage

You know how we ask you before and after the Halo Massage “How Do You Feel?” and then present you with some emoticons… See Below:


Well, the difference between your moods (before and after) we represent as an “Oxytocin Score”… See below:


This represents how much additional Oxytocin you have in your body as a response to the massage.  This clearly is not scientific.  We are sorry if you thought it was.  To provide a scientific score instead of indicative score would require blood tests at both intervals and that might be a little too invasive for what we are trying to show.

What A Great Response Indicates

For a score to move beyond 3+ to the 4+ or 5+ level, a person receiving the massage must have described their pre-massage mood as “Very Stressed” or “Stressed” and described their post-massage mood as “Very Happy” or “Divine”.

A high score looks to support the efficacy of massage as a way to change your mood.  However, it also indicates that the person is feeling under pressure and stress to begin with, and that’s usually not associated with the person being productive at work.

It’s kind of funny and counter-intuitive but a lower Oxytocin score that still results in a post-massage mood of “Very Happy” or “Divine” would indicate that the person receiving the massage still loved the massage but wasn’t stressed out and assumably was productive at work prior to receiving the massage.

So what does this all mean…

For our longer-term or frequent clients it is possible to see the scores reported by each person (or on average across everyone) drop over time.

This may be because the workplace is getting better and the pre-mood is being self-described as “Ok” or “Happy” instead of “Very Stressed” or “Stressed” – and that is a good thing.  It means that the stress is less and assumably the productivity is higher.

Finding Out Your Score

Knowing how your office is affected by the massages provided by 3 Minute Angels is as simple as looking at the report we send you after each visit.  See below for what a report looks like

If you review how these scores change with frequent massage visits you may discover changes in the reported pre and post massage moods for you and your team.  This may provide you with insights that are useful.


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