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There are several types of events that utilise 3 Minute Angels most frequently – Boutique or Scale.



Boutique events are those that avoid the quagmire of being same-same by having a great experience for each attendee.  This experience is memorable.  This experience makes an impact.  This experience is often only 10% better, but that additional 10% makes it stand out.

By no means is having 3 Minute Angels the only way to make a boutique experience memorable.  There are several factors event organisers can tweak ranging from catering to venue to price and entertainment.  However, 3 Minute Angels is incredibly relevant for boutique events that have a tactile dimension or where you are wanting people to feel something new / better / different.



Scale events are those that happen on mass or across multiple dates or locations.  3 Minute Angels is a natural provider of choice because we are able to provide a one-stop-shop or single point of contact for the event organiser where they can get all their massage needs.

We’ve provided massages is 65 different locations on a single day.  We’ve had Angels provide massages over a 24-hour period for world record attempts.  We’ve provided massages at scale since 2002 and so have come across the logistical challenges that others haven’t (and we’ve worked them out).  This is why we get used by large scale event organisers instead of those event organisers trying to find massage therapists in each of 65 locations and then work with all those independently on terms etc.  For big stuff, we’re simply the best in the business.