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Busy? This is when you need massage

Getting a massage during peak-demand time is often the last thing on your mind, but our research shows that this is exactly the time employees need a 5-minute break so they can be more productive.

Peak Demand Times Occur In MOST Workplaces

Accountants and others working towards aggregated financial year-end reports have busier months than others around June 30th.

Commonly, accountants also have busier weeks in each month doing month-end reconciliation.

At 3 Minute Angels, our peak demand is from now until the 3rd week of December when it then goes quiet on the corporate massage front until the end of January.

We also have peak demand periods each day and week.

Meaning, we have more clients after lunch than before lunch and more towards the end of the week (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) than the beginning of the week.

What are your peak demand periods like?

How Productivity Is Increased When SHORT Massage Is Provided In Peak Demand Periods

A short massage (5-minutes) provides benefits to the individual that help improve individual productivity.


5-minutes is enough down-time, to give a physical, social, mental and emotional re-boot.  Similar to what a run might provide a well-trained runner.  But it is not an hour with corresponding changeover times, like going for a lunch-hour run in the park.

A short massage provided across the team will also result in efficiencies.  The improved communication and emotionally better environment across the workplace will be more resilient to stress.

How To Pick The Right Time For Massages During Peak Demand Time

The exact best time for your organisation will depend on what you do and when your peak demand times run.

However, it’s usually best to have the massages done in the mornings of days which are the busiest for you in each week.

It is at these times when people often resort to caffeine or procrastination can set in.

A massage will harness attention on the individual recipient, make them feel good and make them ready to focus for many hours afterwards.

The chemicals released, increased oxygenation and ritual of getting a massage will give them stamina for the afternoon and remove excuses around body fatigue, mental fatigue or feeling under appreciated by the organisation.