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There are many things that make racing thrilling – the horses, the fashions and of course, the chance of a win.

We have been known to work in promotional format for advertisers at the races and within corporate hospitality for sponsors.

Angels work equally well at delighting those who win and consoling those that lose.  In fact, we are a sure thing at any race events.

races cruises football finals


Cruises + Massage

Enjoying a harbour or river cruise with an Angel on your shoulders is as close to the divine as one can get.

An Angel can meet your party prior to departure and stay with you and your crew whilst you take in the nautical delights.  As close to perfect as you can get, this event will stay with those who attend as a lifetime memory.

races cruises football finals

Football Finals

Corporate hospitality kicks up a gear in the next mont to 6-weeks as we close in on the finals.

3 Minute Angels is a great way to make the event extra special and memorable for your guests.

If your team wins or loses, your guests will still have that glow and divine feeling that comes from being rubbed the right way.

races cruises football finals