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Cut Through, Engage and Connect

Marketers are always looking for ways to cut through, engage and connect with audiences.   Clients often “come up” with the idea of using massage to do this.

Massage does make a great impression.  The people getting the massage do feel great – and relatively quickly too.  The brand being marketed gets associated with the feeling of “feeling divine” and that differentiates the brand.


National Coverage

3 Minute Angels is the only massage company (that we know of at least) that has a national capacity.  We have employees and contractors in every capital city ready to bring the divine feeling to people in offices and at events.

No matter how big your event is – we have the team that can handle it.  You’ll only need to coordinate with one point of contact for all your needs.  This includes branded apparel for staff, give-aways and POS for recipients, rostering and permissions.

big events

We can handle your large event