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Massage On Demand

On demand massage, as the name suggests allows our customers to pick up the phone or place an order online for corporate mobile massage.  We’ll then send Angels to provide massages at your workplace.  It happens so quickly it is: on demand.

Unlike businesses such as Uber that does “on demand transport” where utilisation is high and very consistent across the day/week, massage is a much smaller niche.

Additionally, needing to get from A to B in a hurry is a real thing.  Massages as an emergency for you and your work-mates is… less so.

If however, you find your self in a “massage emergency” – who you gonna call?

3 Minute Angels, that’s who! … on 1300 662 022


Why call 3 Minute Angels for mobile massage?

We have been massaging in offices and events for 16 years.  The ability to send Angels to massage at your desk in the workplace has been our core business throughout.

Massages on demand

When you need massages in a hurry for your workplace call us and we’ll come and bring massages to you.