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Choose Your Pace


The Halo Massage goes for 5-minutes (despite our name ‘3 Minute Angels’ suggesting otherwise). The tempo or speed of the massage changes the experience.


  • A fast technique energises;
  • A slow technique relaxes.

Which do you prefer?


Energise with massage


halo massage fast or slow massage get in touch with 3 minute angels


Energising massages can add a “pick me up” element.  It’s a bit like a coffee or Red Bull, only healthier.  With increased energy you could argue you’ll be more productive.


If you like to energise, then simply instruct the Angel at the beginning that you want to feel energised and then they’ll know what to do from there.


Relax with massage


Relaxation allows you to take any burdening stress away.  This is important as stress is not conducive to productivity.  Focus, consciousness and being relaxed allows for natural productivity and ‘flow’.


If you like to relax and need to de-stress, just tell the Angel at the beginning of your massage and they’ll apply the techniques they know at a slower tempo to match your expectation.


Fast or Slow?