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Granted BIG moments help to mark out a culture.both teamwork and culture are ongoing processes - and not a one-off event = 3 minute angels

These can be likened to a sugar-hit, adrenaline rush or 15-minutes of fame.

However, by and large culture is an ongoing process.

It’s like team-work in this respect.

Care is the critical factor and it takes time to develop.

If the team cares about one another and the outcome over time, then you get results.

If the culture cares about people over time, then you get loyalty.

Without care, you get just people and not teamwork or results.

Once you truly understand the power of care, building culture within your organisation is as simple as providing consistent opportunities to care. Culture builds when the team:

  • cares about one another;
  • cares about the customer;
  • cares about the company, and when;
  • the team feels cared for by the company.

At 3 Minute Angels, we can let your team physically, actually, tangibly feel how much you care.