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The New In-Massage Video

The new in-massage video that our recipients watch when they get a massage has been curated by John Lechner of Office Art Specialists.  It is beautiful, but there’s also a science to how these images combine with the massage to make the overall experience ‘Divine’.

Everyone enjoys the lift in mood that comes with a massage.  The images shown in the video are exclusively real and natural scenes, which helps the mind take a holiday along with the body.  The result is that in 5-minutes, everyone who watches the video and gets a massage feels extra good.

art with massage landscape

The Old ‘Life Generator’ Video

Chances are you’ve had a Halo Massage from 3 Minute Angels before.  You may have really liked the old video and we understand that.  It has been great for 3 or more years, but it’s time for a change.  If you want to view the old video, you can below:

Do you want to see the new video