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3 Minute Angels does charity work

At 3 Minute Angels, we get asked all the time to donate services, auction items or directly support charities and causes.  We try to do what we can.  Not only does charity work make us feel good (we’re all about feeling good) it also provides us with promotion to audiences who may go on to become clients.



Supporting KidzFix Rally 2018

This year, our support for charities is going to a new level as 3 Minute Angels’ Co-Founder, Andrew Ward with his brother, are competing as team ‘Two Dads’ in KidzFix Rally.  They have been raising money and awareness all year but from now until mid-September is the big push.

There is a crowdfunding campaign going on right now that will collect financial support:

Super Cheap Angels via Crowdfunding

A client of 3 Minute Angels would be encouraged to support this crowdfunding campaign because there is a ‘crowdfunding reward‘ that provides $193.60 worth of our massage services for just $100.

You may check this link to see more details of the campaign offers:



Support Team Two Dad's