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Tips We Give To Angels

Here are 3 tips of ours that you can use to make your own massages a little bit better.

No cold hands – ever

No cold hands – ever

At this time of the year as the temperature starts to drop, you could find yourself about to start a massage with cold hands. STOP.

Cold hands can ruin a massage.

Take a few seconds to rub your hands together, get some heat from the friction, get the blood flowing to your fingers.  Once your hands are warm – you can start.

Everyone you touch is a virgin

Everyone you touch is a virgin

This piece of wisdom applies to those that find themselves giving a lot of massages.  Perhaps you’re the “go to” person for massage amongst your family or group of friends.

What tends to happen when you do massage frequently is that you get ‘dull’ to the fact that for each recipient, it’s their first massage.  It may be your ‘next’ massage but for them its THE massage.

Treat each massage as a virgin massage and you’ll keep more engaged in each massage.

Discover the expectation

Discover the expectation

Ask the person who is about to receive a massage if they want to feel relaxed or more energised after the massage.

How vigorous the massage is determines if it is relaxing or energising.  The same action, let’s say kneading, if done slowly can provide a relaxing state of mind and body.  But if kneading is done quickly, it promotes blood flow, energises and warms the muscles up ready for action.

Matching the recipients’ expectation for relaxation or energising with the vigour of your massage provides a better result

Get In Touch (pardon the pun)

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