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We often get asked: What is with the Angels thing.  Are you a religious organisation?

There are many people who see the word ‘Angels’ and in their mind they think of things that appear in night skies, play trumpets and herald new beginnings.

We are Angels, but we aren’t the religious type of ‘Angels’.

Instead of ushering people to an after-life of feeling good i.e. “heaven” – we’re about people enjoying that heavenly feeling here on earth.

How do you feel now? After Massage Mood

Open and Respectful: Not Religious

We are a ‘secular’ organisation.

Most Christians would associate the word Angel with an Angel Michael or Angel Gabriel.

Angels are not exclusively Christian. They are also associated in Judaism and Islam.

Angels, according to the Jewish faith, are supernatural beings that act as God’s messenger, envoy or general agents.

Angels according the Islamic faith, they are celestial beings, created from a luminous origin by God to perform certain tasks.

Angels appear in the texts of all these great religions.

The Things We Share in Common

Angels of the 3 Minute Angels type and Angels of the heavenly realm type, do share ‘Divine’ qualities and are very good messengers.

Both can touch you – although the 3 Minute Angels type is more tangible.

The way God or Allah uses Angels to be his messenger is similar to the way clients use 3 Minute Angels to be messengers.

The message we deliver from our clients to their employees or audience is ‘feel divine again’.

The message is more than just the words.  It’s about the feeling.

If you would like to spread a message via the Angels of 3 Minute Angels then Get In Touch.