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International Women’s Day

This Thursday 8th of March is International Women’s Day.

We have been a company dominated (in a good way) by women throughout our 16-year history.

This means we have benefited from REWARDING AND RECOGNISING women throughout the ranks and throughout the years.

Our leadership includes 3 very capable women who normally we don’t shine a light on.  However, with International Women’s Day coming up, we wanted to take this opportunity to give some thanks and show our appreciation.

Are there women in your workplace who also deserve special recognition? 

Women of 3 Minute Angels - Satya Morrison


Satya Morrison – 3 Minute Angels’ longest serving employee is able to balance her role as head of the Corporate structure i.e Director, whilst being the brains behind our IT and Business Systems.  This she does whilst growing her own IT business, Art Gallery and Shop.  A talented and capable entrepreneur.


Women of 3 Minute Angels - Jen



Jen Guarnes-Saavedra – Her initial employment was something of an experiment by the company in off-shoring.  That experiment proved to be a wonderful one as Jen now leads the company in many aspects and excels in roles as diverse as web-marketing, finance, HR and legal.  A smart, savvy, absolute star.



Women of 3 Minute Angels - Gladys


Gladys Manzano – At the heart of every organisation is the people.  In 3 Minute Angels this is profoundly true.  As our people (Angels) deliver the product and in many ways are the product.  Gladys is responsible for who we bring in, keep, coach and depart – It is Gladys that helps us bring our best to clients time and time again.





Rewarding Your Team With Massage

If you need to REWARD and RECOGNISE the women (or the whole team) in your workplace ahead of International Women’s Day, then please Get In Touch (pardon the pun) on 1300 662 022.